Concert logo: Image of a female dancer running on a background of blue and red, Text reads "Insider Outsider"

Spring Dance Concert

Featuring work by guest Choreographic Fellow Gabrielle Lamb

March 25, 26, 27, 2022

Crafton-Preyer Theatre, Murphy Hall


Choreographers examine the notion of "Insider/Outsider." Rather than approach the theme as a simple binary of inclusion and exclusion, their modern/contemporary, hip hop, and ballet works explore the complexities of how the binary is constructed and the ways it shapes our lives.

Scenic Design by Dave Wanner
Costume Design by Jamie R. Urban & Knox McClendon
Lighting Design by Colin Neukirch
Stage Management by Bailey Kirk

An encounter with blackness

Choreography by Webster McDonald
Dancers: McKenna Bizal, Tara Burgat, Johnny Dinh Phan, Maya Gold, Olivia Johnson, Aubree Johnston, Rachel Kricsfeld, Cullen Krishna, Lucie Lane, Erin Latimer, Madison Meade, Brenna Philips, Christie Phillips, and Anna Shelton

Behind Closed Doors

Choreography by Ashley Brittingham
Dancers: Gabrielle Corporal, Jennifer Egley, Olivia Johnson, Grace Josin, Cullen Krishna, Lucie Lane, Annalee Larsen, Ashley Plowman, Anna Shelton, Lindsay Skinner, Annie St. John, Cicely Stevenson, and Rory Sweedler
Understudy: McKenna Bizal


Choreography by Tristian Griffin
Dancers: Claire Buss, Gabrielle Corporal, Johnny Dinh Phan, Sydney Ebner, Jennifer Egley, Maya Gold, Grace Josin, and Madison Meade
Understudy: Yutian Liu

The Red Shoes

Choreography by Maya Tillman-Rayton
Dancers: Johnny Dinh Phan, Jennifer Egley, Maya Gold, Olivia Johnson, Aubree Johnston, Grace Josin, Hannah Kempskie, Alyssa Kendrick, Cullen Krishna, Annalee Larsen, Erin Latimer, Grace Lepper, Madison Meade, Mira Pawlewicz, Kendall Payne, Hayley Robinson, Anna Shelton, and Annie Tripp
Understudies: Christie Phillips and Yutian Liu


Choreography by Gabrielle Lamb
Dancers: McKenna Bizal, Gabrielle Corporal, Sydney Ebner, Maya Gold, Grace Josin, Alyssa Kendrick, Claire Kirchner, Madison Meade, and Cicely Stevenson
Understudy: Kacie Herbek