Show logo - Two female dancers embrace on a background of green and yellow

Spring Dance Concert

Presented Digitally

April 9, 10, & 11, 2021

Information Overload

Witness new, empowering work. See the resilience in our dancers’ steps and the brightness in their eyes. The University Dance Company leans into the physically distant reality of dancing amid the Covid-19 pandemic with three weekends of dance. 

See students shine in performances showcasing the strengths of KU’s Theatre & Dance department: contemporary, ballet, and hip hop. Works will tackle the many stimuli coming at us as we move through the world physically and digitally. The UDC Spring Concert, and the Department, will also pay tribute to Professor Patrick Suzeau whose 31-year career at KU comes to a close with his retirement this year. His final choreographic work as faculty choreographer, "Be Still… And Feel," explores isolation, from descent into darkness to ecstasy. It’s set to a score created for Cohan/Suzeau by KU Emeritus Composer Edward Mattila. All works will be presented digitally in an evening-length concert.


Choreography by Michelle Heffner Hayes & the dancers
Music: "Circular Ruins," Composed by Kip Haaheim, Performed by Margaret Marco & Jason Slote
Scenography by Kelly Vogel
Videography by Gary Lange
Dancers: Gabrielle Corporal, Gabrielle Dionne, Ashley Ebner, Sydney Ebner, Maya Gold, Daniella Grossman, Daryn Hill, Aubree Johnston, and Cicely Stevenson

Rosas Remix

Choreography by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker
Directed by Waeli Wang
Music by Thierry De Mey
Cinematography by Bryce Heesacker
Dancers: Hope Casner, Tricia Clark, Gabrielle Corporal, P De Marco, Johnny Dinh Phan, Grace DiVilbiss, Ashley Ebner, Jennifer Egley, Maya Gold, Anna Hastings, Daryn Hill, Alex Hunt, Aubree Johnston, Grace Josin, Hannah Kempskie, Isobel Langham, Annalee Larsen, Grace Lepper, Madison Meade, Jenna Murphy, Lita Musgrave, Mira Pawlewicz, Brenna Phillips, Molly Robinson, Annie St. John, Cicely Stevenson, and Rory Sweedler


Choreography by James Moreno
Scenic & Costume Design by Rana Esfandiary
Lighting Design by Rana Esfandiary & Devan Ryan
Cinematography by Bryce Heesacker
Sound Score Vocals by Gabrielle Smith
Dancers: Gabrielle Corporal, P De Marco, Ashley Ebner, Grace Josin, Hannah Kempskie, Annalee Larsen, Madison Meade, and Gabrielle Smith


Choreography by Ashley Brittingham
Music: "Piano Concerto, Opus 38: l. Allegro Appassionato," Composed by Samuel Barber, Performed by Stephen Prutsman, Royal Scottish National Orchestra, Marin Alsop
Lighting Design by Devan Ryan
Costume Design by Kelly Vogel
Videography by Gary Lange
Dancers: Jennifer Egley, Anna Hastings, Alex Hunt, Grace Josin, Olivia Pennell, Annie St. John, Grace Stephen, and Rory Sweedler

Be Still… And Feel

Choreography by Patrick Suzeau
Music by Edward Mattila
Lighting Design by Devan Ryan
Costume & Properties Design by Kelly Vogel
Videography by Gary Lange
Dancers: Maya Gold, Olivia Johnson, Madison Meade, and Cicely Stevenson

When, where does it end?

Choreography by Waeli Wang
Music by The Haxan Cloak
Voiceover by Erica Sardi
Scenography by Kelly Vogel
Cinematography by Bryce Heesacker
Dancers: Claire Buss, Grace DiVilbiss, Ashley Ebner, Sydney Ebner, Anna Hastings, Daryn Hill, Grace Josin, and Jenna Murphy


Choreography by Maya Tillman-Rayton
Music: "Computergirl" by Danya Vodovoz, "Shut it Down" by Sharaya J, "Swerve" by Chris Buxton, & "Bacon Swag" by Danya Vodovoz
Lighting Design by Devan Ryan
Costume Design by Rachel Bundstein
Videography by Gary Lange
Dancers: Claire Buss, Lauren Clementi, P De Marco, Johnny Dinh Phan, Grace DiVilbiss, Sydney Ebner, Jennifer Egley, Lexee Feuerborn, Daryn Hill, Caitlyn Howard, Olivia Johnson, Aubree Johnston, Hannah Kemspkie, Annalee Larsen, Grace Lepper, Naomi Madu, Kendall Payne, and Gabrielle Smith