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Fall Dance Concert

Presented Digitally

Series 1: October 9 & 10, 2020
Series 2: October 30 & 31, 2020
Series 3: December 3 & 4, 2020


Witness new, empowering work. See the resilience in our dancers’ steps and the brightness in their eyes. The University Dance Company leans into the physically distant reality of dancing amid the Covid-19 pandemic with three weekends of dance.

Series 1 brings back two works originally slated for UDC’s repertory last spring. Associate Professor Emeritus Jerel Hilding returns to set his ballet, "Gitanas," a Spanish-influenced work inspired by his own experiences dancing with the Joffrey Ballet. Associate Professor James Moreno presents his work "Nine Traquero Tales," a modern contemporary work about the Mexican immigrants who built the railroad in Kansas, performed at Lawrence’s Amtrak station.

Series 2 features three new works. Michelle Heffner Hayes presents "De Raices y Alas/Of Roots and Wings," featuring a flash mob invoking stories of the marginalized voices embedded within flamenco and the legacy of creating community through shared practice. Patrick Suzeau has choreographed "Opus 2020," a suite of seven contrasting dances, each a response to the remarkable events that we are living through together. "The Same Direction," choreographed by Maya Tillman-Rayton, showcases ensemble work in hip hop styles with a strong theme of revolution and nods to social justice issues.

In Series 3, Waeli Wang presents "Trammel," a modern/contemporary piece which explores issues of domestic violence during the time of Covid-19. "The Downloading Race Challenge," choreographed by James Moreno and Kyle Mullins, examines race in America through a combination of spoken word, modern/contemporary dance, and popular dances from social media.


Choreography by Jerel Hilding
Lighting Design by Trevor Rodgers
Costume Design by Kelly Vogel
Dancers: Taylor Cheek, Jennifer Egley, Alyssa Kendrick, Olivia Johnson, Grace Josin, Annalee Larsen, Olivia Pennell, Grace Stephan, and Annie St. John

Nine Traquero Tales

Choreography by James Moreno
Costume Design by Cynthia Bond & James Moreno
Dramaturgy by Cynthia Bond
Videography & Sound Design by Bryce Heesacker
Video Editing by Morganne Wakefield
Dancers: Taylor Cheek, Johnny Dinh Phan, Maya Gold, Grace Josin, and Madison Meade

De Raices y Alas/Of Roots and Wings

Choreography by Michelle Heffner Hayes & Niurca Márquez, after Belén Maya
Cinematography by Gary Lange
Dancers: Allyson Brunner, Celeste Cleppe, Ashley Ebner, Maya Gold, Lexi Holsapple, Julia Isbell, Madison Meade, Brenna Phillips, Annie St. John, Cicely Stevenson, Kalen Stockton, and Sydney White

Opus 2020

Choreography by Patrick Suzeau
Lighting Design by Trevor Rodgers
Dancers: Princess De Marco, Maya Gold, Daniella Grossman, Olivia Johnson, Madison Meade, and Cicely Stevenson

The Same Direction

Choreography by Maya Tillman-Rayton
Lighting Design by Trevor Rodgers
Costume Design by Kelly Vogel
Dancers: Claire Buss, Lauren Clementi, Princess De Marco, Johnny Dinh Phan, Gabrielle Dionne, Grace DiVilbiss, Kayla Giebler, Daryn Hill, Olivia Johnson, Aubree Johnston, and Hannah Kempskie


Choreography by Waeli Wang & the dancers
Costume Design by Kelly Vogel
Lighting Design by Trevor Rodgers with Dennis Christilles & Ann Sitzman
Cinematography by Bryce Heesacker
Sound Design by Stella Garibaldi
Edited by Waeli Wang
Dancers: Claire Buss, Gabrielle Corporal, Johnny Dinh Phan, Sydney Ebner, Maya Gold, Daryn Hill, Alyssa Kendrick, and Abbey Ragain

The Downloading Race Challenge

Choreography by James Moreno with Kyle Mullins
Directed by James Moreno
Principal Videography by Gary Lange
Edited by James Moreno & Gary Lange
Sound Design by Kaylee Mitchell
Dancers: Kimberly Alatorre, Taylor Cheek, Princess De Marco, Johnny Dinh Phan, Ashley Ebner, Lexee Feuerborn, Maya Gold, Anna Hastings, Daryn Hill, Grace Josin, Hannah Kempskie, Alyssa Kendrick, Claire Kirchner, Ella Krier, Isobel Langham, Aubrey Lape-Brinkman, Annalee Larsen, Grace Lepper, Madison Meade, Mira Pawlewicz, Olivia Pennell, Brenna Phillips, Christie Phillips, Jesse Quickel, Molly Robinson, Gabrielle Smith, Hannah Spencer, Annie St. John, Cicely Stevenson, and Rory Sweedler