Show logo - Sketch of 3 leaping female figures

Fall Dance Concert

Featuring work by guest Choreographic Fellow Rebecca Bryant

November 14, 16, 17, 2019

Crafton-Preyer Theatre, Murphy Hall

Feminist Moves

Behold the power of feminine strength manifested in ballet, modern contemporary, and hip hop dance styles. The University Dance Company emphasizes artistry, athleticism, and narratives of women in its fall dance concert. The finale features choreography by guest artist Rebecca Bryant, professor of dance at California State University, Long Beach, who presents "ASKQUESTIONSLATER: two of countless scenarios," a work about gun culture. The concert also features work by Chicago choreographer Enid Smith as well as by dance faculty members.

Scenic Design by Dave Wanner & Spencer Walker
Costume Design by Kelly Vogel & Hanah Glimpse
Lighting Design by Colin Neukirch
Stage Management by Kalen Stockton


Choreography by Jerel Hilding
Music: "Piano Concerto No. 1" by Sergei Prokofiev
Dancers: Ray Alaniz, Errin Bird, Darian Bruch, Tia Carpenter, Taylor Cheek, Grace DiVilbiss Johnny Dinh Phan, Jennifer Egley, Derrick Ice, Olivia Johnson, Grace Josin, Taylor Krech, Annalee Larsen, Olivia Pennell, Annie St. John, Grace Stephan, and Allie Thaman


Choreography by Enid Smith
Music: "Home on the Range" by the Morman Tabernacle Choir"Gene Takes a Drink" by Michael Gordon, and "Uncertain Instruction" by Kerry Leimer
Sound Collage by Timothy Tsang
Field Recordings by Andrew Rauhauser
Dancers: Anastasya Bagdasaryan, Erinn Bird, Princess De Marco, Grace DiVilbiss, Jenna Espinoza, Alexis Fraught, Maya Gold, Taylor Krech, Allie Thaman, and Emily Weiss


Choreography by James Moreno
Music: "Mountain Call," "Model," & "Waltz" by Alexander Balanescu, "Rockaway Beach" by The Ramones, and "Power Drill" by Geoff Bennett
Dancers: Anastasya Bagdasaryan, Claire Buss, Tia Carpenter, Taylor Cheek, Princess De Marco, Ashley Ebner, Jenna Espinoza, Kayla Giebler, Maya Gold, Brooke Howard, Grace Josin, Hannah Kempskie, Alyssa Kendrick, Annalee Larsen, Mira Pawlewicz, Grace Stephan, Allie Thaman, Jillian Tucci, Emily Weiss, and Jenna Zywiec


Choreography by Michelle Heffner Hayes
Music: "Uja" performed by Tanya Tagaq, written & composed by Tanya Tagaq Gillis, Jesse Zubot, Jean Martin, & Michael Edwards and "Humano" by Lido Maria Pimienta
Dancers: Maya Gold, Daniella Grossman, Derrick Ice, Grace Josin, Annalee Larsen, Madison Meade, Olivia Penell, Cicely Stevenson, Aneka Voth, and Emma Weiss

It Takes a Village

Choreography by Maya Tillman-Rayton
Music: "Bag Lady" by Erykah Badu, "Get Up" by Sarz, featuring DJ Tunez & Flash, "Don't Jealous Me" by Tekno Miles, Yemi Alade, Mr. Eazi, & Lord Afrixana, "I Been On" & "Bow Down (Homecoming Live)" by Beyoncé, and "Balaya" by A-Star
Dancers: Ray Alaniz, Anastasya Bagdasaryan, Darian Bruch, Claire Buss, Lauren Clementi, Princess De Marco, Johnny Dinh Phan, Grace DiVilbiss, Jenna Espinoza, Lexee Feuerborn, Maya Gold, Briana Herrington, Brooke Howard, Olivia Johnson, Hannah Kempskie, Alyssa Kendrick, Taylor Krech, Jordyn Manhart, and Annie Tripp

Choreography by Rebecca Bryant
Music: "Chopping Block" & "Bulletin Board" by Don Nichols and "Nocturne, Op. 9, No. 2" by Frederic Chopin
Dancers: Claire Buss, Maya Gold, Derrick Ice, Grace Josin, Annalee Larsen, Abbey Ragain, Grace Stephan, Cicely Stevenson, Allie Thaman, and Emily Weiss