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Fall Dance Concert

Featuring choreography by guest artist Mariana Oliveira

November 15 & 16, 2018

Lied Center of Kansas

Moved to Adapt

To celebrate the inaugural year of the Department of Theatre & Dance, faculty and guest choreographers embrace the concept of adaptation used in theatre to create new choreographed works. Some of the works being adapted are Anne Rice's “Interview with a Vampire” and Michel Fokine’s “The Dying Swan,” originally adapted from the Tennyson poem of the same name. Using styles ranging from classical ballet to African diaspora to modern, the dance concert communicates themes of cultural and sexual identity and environmentalism. Originally from Brazil, guest artist Mariana Oliveira has set works on the Joffrey Ballet and the Kansas City Ballet, among others. Her residency is made possible by the John M. and Francis R.B. Peterson Guest Artist Fund.

Scenic Design by Spencer Walker
Costume Design by Willie Lenoir, Chelsea Pitts, & Susan Rendall
Lighting Design by Chelsea Pitts
Stage Management by Reece Dickson

Death and the Maidens

Choreography by Willie Lenoir
Music: "String Quartet No. 3, Second Movement," by Robert Schumann
Costume Design by Willie Lenoir
Dancers: Jillian Armstrong, Madeleine Arnzen, Ally Brittian, Alexis Faught, Amanda Hoyt, Fall Kirksey, Kiley Lefler, Jordyn Manhart, Emma Niehoff, and Austin Panavong


Choreography by Jerel Hilding
Music: "Tangazo" by Astor Piazzolla
Costume Design by Chelsea Pitts
Dancers: Raymond Alaniz, Jillian Armstrong, Madeleine Arnzen, Claire Buss, Grace DiVilbiss, Alexis Fraught, Amanda Hoyt, Derrick Ice, Grace Josin, Fall Kirksey, Taylor Krech, Sarah Lambrect, Jordyn Manhart, Emma Niehoff, Austin Panavong, Anne St. John, Allie Thaman, and Kylie Thompson

The Dying Swans

Choreography by Patrick Suzeau
Music: "Le Cygne" from "Le Carnaval des Animaux" by Camille Saint-Saëns
Costume Design by Chelsea Pitts
Dancers: Erinn Bird, Tia Carpenter, Rachel Colligan, Grace Josin, Fall Kirksey, Sarah Lambrecht, Emma Niehoff, Anne St. John, and Allie Thaman

Work-in-Progress #1 for The Pocho Project

Choreography by James Moreno
Music: "Yo Yo Train" by Geoff Bennett "Un Dia" by Juana Molina
Costume Design by Chelsea Pitts
Text & Dramaturgy by Cynthia Bond
Video by Jaidan Alexis Lourdes Kalusha
Performer: Alysha Griffin
Dancers: Jillian Armstrong, Madeleine Arnzen, Anastasya Bagdasaryan, Delaney Borders, Xi Chen, Victoria Hilger, Amanda Hoyt, Derrick Ice, Fall Kirksey, Jordyn Manhart, John Nguyen, Emma Niefoff, Allie Thaman, Kylie Thompson, Jillian Tucci, and Emma Weiss

Vini Pi Pre/Come Closer

Choreography by Michelle Heffner Hayes
Music: "The Loss" by Daniel Bernard Roumain & "Nasyon Soley" by Emeline Michel
Costume Design by Susan Rendall
Dancers: Anastasya Bagdasaryan, Carolyn Burchfield, Jennifer Egley, Princess De Marco, Jenna Espinoza, Maya Gold, Daniella Grossman, Briana Herrington, Tori, Hilger, Hannah Kempskie, Madison Meade, Sydney Morrison, Jenna Murphy, Imani Wadud, and Jenna Zywiec

Fearing the Unknown

Choreography by Mariana Oliveira
Music by Michael O. Hurwitz
Dancers: Madeleine Arnzen, Victoria Carpenter, Amanda Hoyt, Derrick Ice, Emma Niehoff, Austin Panavong, and Jillian Tucci
Understudy: Fall Kirksey